Як і всі системи Merit Bone Biopsy Systems, Madison ™ Mini System містить голку для кісткової біопсії Preston ™, призначену або для поетапного відбору проб при бластних ураженнях, або з додатковою аспірацією шприцом.

  • Trocar-tip stylet/perforating-tip cannula introducer with removable handle
  • Clockwise trephine-tip biopsy needle
  • Ejector pin
Madison Mini Bone Biopsy Kit

The Madison™ Mini Bone Biopsy System is a direct-access 13G system that operates without a drill but features a perforating cannula with a removable handle. This minimizes extra weight and is extremely useful for small rounded bones with little soft-tissue surroundings. Its features and benefits include:

  • Direct 13G access to small, superficial bones
  • Tactile control and small gauge to allow for accurate targeting of small lesions
  • Removable handle to minimize exterior weight
  • Optimized sample for sclerotic and blastic lesions

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Introduction Method

Using a direct approach, the Madison™ Mini System’s introducer is delivered to the bone surface, rotating counterclockwise to reduce soft tissue trauma. The introducer is then anchored in bone and advanced clockwise. The screw-lock handle of the introducer may then be removed entirely to minimize weight before inserting biopsy needle.