A new addition to the InQwire® product line is the Merit InQwire®Amplatz guide wires. The Amplatz wires provide an increased level of stiffness that delivers support and stability within the vasculature for enhanced navigation.

Added stiffness also facilitates catheter placement and advancement of other devices such as dilatation catheters and stent catheters during contralateral access. A smooth tapered transition from the shaft to the flexible tip allows atraumatic negotiation of the most difficult anatomy.

The Amplatz wires are available in multiple tip configurations to include straight tip wires in a variety of flexible profiles including 1.0cm, 3.5cm, 4.0cm, 6cm, and 7cm. A J3mm tip configuration is also available.

Stiff Shaft Construction

  • Flat wire outer coil allows a larger inner core to provide additional shaft support
  • Increased wire stiffness provides stability
    within the vasculature for enhanced navigation
  • Push and navigation without compromising tip flexibility

Lubricity comparison between Merit Amplatz and the leading competitor

Device Placement Support

  • Proprietary PTFE coating reduces friction along the wire
  • Added stiffness provides extra support to facilitate advancement of devices such as dilatation catheters, stent catheters and other percutaneous devices
  • Provides extra support and stability during catheter placement and exchange during contralateral access

Amplatz Tip Detail

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