Повсякденна система “переходу до”, призначена для простих, базових процедур біопсії кісток або поверхневих уражень кісток.


    The trocar-tip stylet and tapered-tip cannula introducer features a depth-gauge stopper and centimeter markings. As with all the Merit Bone Biopsy Systems, the Westbrook™ System contains the Preston™ Bone Biopsy Needle, designed for either incremental sampling for blastic lesions or with optional syringe aspiration.

    • Trocar-tip stylet/tapered-tip cannula introducer
    • Clockwise trephine-tip biopsy needle
    • Ejector pin
    Westbrook Basic Bone Biopsy System

    The Westbrook™ Bone Biopsy System is our standard, entry-level bone biopsy system. It is designed for accessing superficial lesions in soft or normal-density bone, where it is unnecessary to traverse bone before sampling. Its features include:

    • Direct access and comfortable handling
    • Fast and efficient penetration of normal-density bone
    • High-grade steel for outstanding durability
    • Preston™ Bone Biopsy Needle for multiple, optimized lesion sampling

    The Westbrook™ System is available in 11G in two lengths.

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Introduction Method

Using a direct approach, the introducer is advanced through soft tissue and anchored into bone.

If crossing dense cortex is required, a Preston™ Hard Bone Introducer (supplied as a separate accessory) may be additionally used after placing the introducer needle.