Система для введення тупого інтродьюсер 11G за допомогою дротяного провідника 20G, надихнута Сельдінгером, для керованого підходу до здобутки кістки.

The Kensington™ Guide Wire Bone Biopsy System is a minimally invasive, coaxial system designed for deep bone and sensitive procedures requiring a very precise approach.

Available in 11G in two lengths (10cm and 15cm), the Kensington™ System includes a smooth, tapered access needle that is placed directly over a 20G wire through the line of anesthesia. This method assists in creating a less traumatic pathway through soft tissues and adjacent structures and is designed to lessen exposure by minimizing repeat scanning. The Kensington™ System’s guided approach and blunt access facilitates biopsy of the upper spine.

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Introduction Method

Inspired by the Seldinger technique, the guide wire is positioned in the soft tissue via the needle. Gently dilating the soft tissue, the introducer is delivered over the guide wire to the bone surface. The bone is then accessed and sampled with the biopsy needle.

If crossing dense cortex is required, a Preston™ Hard Bone Introducer (supplied as a separate accessory) may be additionally used after placing introducer needle.