Система позиціонування стентів Ostial Pro® сприяє більш точному позиціонуванню стентів при ураженнях АТ


  • Personalizes the patient’s recovery experience with an exciting variety of random designs right out of the box OR bands can be personalized for your facility (www.meritsync.com).


  • The PreludeSYNC™ assists in achieving vascular hemostasis.
  • Access site visibility – Large area with clear, unobstructed site visibility.


  • The PreludeSYNC™ is constructed from a soft material that lies against the patient’s skin while providing an outer layer that is easy to clean.
  • The balloon was designed to comfortably achieve patent hemostasis.


  • Band attachment was designed with a material that provides adjustable, secure placement of the device.


  • Available in two sizes, 24 cm and 29 cm
  • Available with the safety and convenience of a specialized connection device and syringe
  • Also available with a standard luer device and standard syringe

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