The Multipack Plus combines the Prelude and PreludePRO sheath introducers, the Inqwire diagnostic guide wire, and Performa diagnostic cardiology catheters all in one pack for easy, one-step preparation for your angiographic cardiology procedures.

Ordering a single pack saves time, space, and reduces waste.

Having all three components conveniently packaged saves both procedural set-up time and inventory ordering time.
One catalog number provides the clinician with all devices.

Cost Savings – Ordering the MultiPack Plus saves on individual component cost.
Space Savings – Designed to significantly reduce storage space requirements.

Prelude® PRO Sheath Introducer:
• 4F, 5F and 6F, 11cm length
• 50cm, .038” (0.97mm) stainless steel double ended (3mmJ and floppy) guide wire

Inqwire® Diagnostic Guide Wire:
• 150cm
• 3mm J, .035” (0.89mm)
Fixed Core Guide Wire

Performa® Diagnostic Cardiology Catheters:
• 4F, 5F and 6F, 100cm length
• Judkins Right 4.0
• Judkins Left 4.0
• Progressive Right


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