SwiftNINJA, катетер з прямим наконечником, який формує шар до 180 градусів у протилежних напрямках, щоб швидко вибрати найскладніший судинний устій. Швидкість, контроль та доставка під рукою.

SwiftNINJA, a straight tip catheter that articulates up to 180 degrees in opposing directions to rapidly select the most challenging vascular ostium. Speed, Control and Delivery at your fingertips.

  • 3D Steering
  • One-handed Operation
  • Designed to Reach Inaccessible Areas
  • Vessel Selection Without a Guide Wire

The most advanced and only 180° articulating microcatheter on the market today. Speed, Control and Delivery at your fingertips.

Steering Dial Mechanism
Allows opposing 180° articulation from the straight position.

Steering Lock
Once shaped, tip can be locked in position or re-directed to prevent recoil effect during embolic delivery.

Tungsten-braided Shaft
Braided shaft enhances shaft support and provides pushability.

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