The TWISTER® PLUS is a fully rotatable retrieval device that is engineered to facilitate polyp, food bolus and foreign body capture and removal. Developed and optimized based on years of clinical feedback, the TWISTER PLUS incorporates best in class catheter and net technologies that are designed to increase clinician efficiency without compromising quality.


360° One-To-One Rotation Handle
Provides greater clinician control and accuracy during capture.

High Volume Net
Large, deep collection net allows for multiple polyps, large food boluses and foreign bodies to be collected in a single pass.

Robust Net Design and Material
Strong robust net mitigates poten al complications such as net detachment and tearing.

Standard and Specialty Sizes
TWISTER PLUS is available in standard 22mm and 26mm sizes, the larger 32mm. Also now available in the NEW smaller 15cm size for use with a 2.0 mm working channel.





Информация для заказа

Order Number Loop Diameter (mm) Sheath OD (mm) Working Length (cm) Min. Working Channel (mm) Packaging
TWIST15-PED 15 2.0 160 2.0 Box 5
TWIST22 22 2.5 230 2.8 Box 5
TWIST26 26 2.5 230 2.8 Box 5
TWIST32 32 2.5 230 2.8 Box 5