Багатофункціональна система TransProtection Segue * призначена для транспортування та захисту ендоскопів та інших важливих пристроїв до та після процедури.

The Segue Multipurpose TransProtection System* is designed for the transportation and protection of endoscopes and other critical devices pre- and post-procedure.


  • Complies with SGNA Standards for Infection Control**
  • Multipurpose design for use as a work surface, receptacle, and transportation system
  • DriPAD™ lining traps fluid, keeping the surface dry
  • Pad designed to absorb over 5 liters of fluid
  • Proprietary padding feature cushions the scope during transport
  • Transparency allows for quick identification of contents
  • Integrated peel-off label identifies Clean or Biohazard
  • The non-drip liner prevents residual liquid from spilling
  • Robust drawstring with toggles enable a non-slip grip and tight closure

*Patents Pending
**Standards of Infection Control in Reprocessing of Flexible Gastrointestinal Endoscopes, SGNA © 2012


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Part Number Description Packaged
SEG1519 Multipurpose TransProtection™ System 5 units