Повністю покритий стравохідний стент EndoMAXX ™ відкриває наступну еру стравохідного стентування. Створений на основі багаторічного клінічного досвіду та зворотного зв’язку, EndoMAXX ™ включає вдосконалені функції, які допомагають полегшити загальні побічні явища, пов’язані зі стентуванням стравоходу.

The EndoMAXX™ fully covered esophageal stent opens the next era in esophageal stenting. Designed from years of clinical experience and feedback, the EndoMAXX™ incorporates advanced features that help alleviate common adverse events associated with esophageal stenting.


  • The laser cut stent design provides for virtually no foreshortening nor elongation of the stent resulting in:
    • Increased deployment accuracy with no need to compensate for stent foreshortening
    • Reduction in stent movement “inch worming” as a result of the stent elongating and shortening from changes in compression force
  • The unique and new proprietary design of the EndoMAXX allows for variations in radial force along the stent body, while maintaining luminal patency throughout.
  • The variation in radial force allows patency of the stricture, while reducing tissue irritation and damage to the healthy esophageal mucosa.
  • Both a proximal and distal metal suture provides a means for repositioning of the stent post placement and provide increased suture integrity.
  • Redesigned anti-migration struts provide increased mucosal wall contact and friction, while remaining fully covered.
  • Silicon covering helps decrease tissue ingrowth and stent degredation.


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