Повністю покритий трахеобронхіальний стент AERO доставляється на цільову ділянку за допомогою власної, гнучкої, бездротової системи доставки.


  • Laser cut nitinol stent is designed to meet specific anatomical requirements of the airway.
  • Geometric shape provides increased and uniform radial force with true dynamic expansion.
  • Polyurethane coating helps decrease granulation tissue formation and ingrowth.
  • Anti-migration struts reduce stent migration.
  • Lubricious inner lumen hydrophilic coating is specially formulated to aid in the prevention of mucous buildup.
  • Purse-string design of the proximal suture knot allows repositioning and removal immediately post-placement.

Direct Visualization (DV) Delivery System

The AERO DV allows for Direct Visualization of proximal and distal ends of stenosis upon deployment.

  • Designed for accurate placement.
  • Allows the procedure to be performed bedside, eliminating the need for fluoroscopy.

AERO Direct Visualization Delivery Catheter

5.3mm or smaller scope is required for use

Flexible Over-the-Wire Delivery System

The AERO Fully Covered Tracheobronchial Stent is delivered to the target site by means of a proprietary, flexible, over-the-wire delivery system. Benefits of the delivery system are:

  • Accurate one-handed delivery helps ensure proper stent placement.
  • Virtually no foreshortening or elongation reduces much of the guesswork in stent sizing and placement.
  • Flexible delivery system allows for stent placement in difficult anatomical locations.
  • Low profile (7.4mm) pre-loaded delivery catheter increases clinical ease of use.

AERO Tracheal Over-the-Wire Delivery Catheter

AERO Bronchial Over-the-Wire Delivery Catheter

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