The ShortStop Advantage has all of the features of the original ShortStop temporary sharps holder but with the addition of side access for holding sharps devices in a safe and secure horizontal orientation. Fully loaded syringes will not tip or bend when secured in the ShortStop Advantage side access port. The sharps holder features a colorful bullseye design in a bright red durable holder with thick core-resistant foam.

The ShortStop Grandstand Temporary Sharps Holder holds sharp devices upright for convenient access and safety. The bright red compact configuration is a space-saving solution for the safe storage of needles, syringes, and scalpels. The ShortStop Grandstand has coring-resistant foam for easy removal. It’s strategically located adhesive strips secure the ShortStop Grandstand to most work surfaces.

Targeting your sharps needs.
Merit aims to score high in preventing needle stick injuries.
The best seat in the house for your sharps.

Grandstand holds your sharp devices upright while utilizing minimal space.

No more bent needles; syringes rest upright against the Grandstand’s integral backrest.
Coring-resistant foam provides easy removal and minimizes particulate.
Strategically located adhesive strips secure Grandstand to most work surfaces.
Rigid, puncture-resistant material reduces potential of needle sticks and increases safety during disposal.





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